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Bin-ends 07/12/2003

A final afterthought from the SuperBOWL, this time on glasses. It really is amazing how different wine can taste out of different glasses and I am not sure whether there is a shape that is good for all wines or not. One or two friends are currently favouring bowl-shaped jobs like the Riedel Montrachet glass for everything but Mr Riedel would presumably disagree that a large supply of those would make having other shapes redundant. I have taken against the standard ISO glass which seems very hard on the wines - I gave a Burgundy to Bill Nanson in one at the superBOWL which seemed completely dumb but came alive in a decent sized glass. More mysteriously at dinner the night before a Burgundy seemed quite different in a Riedel Sommelier Burgundy glass to a Riedel Vinum one. (TNB) [And I thought he drank it straight from the bottle - RJB]

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