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Life, the universe and everything 05/06/2017 (TNB)

  • Leoville Barton 1975 If the answer is 42, the question might be how many years will it take a decent claret from 1975 to come round. I have had a few of these over the years and this one was not tired like the last I had, but was a delicious, smoky, cedary mature wine. They don't make them like this any more! Bare ****
  • Beaune 1er cru Greves 1998 (Lafarge) This is rather tough, angular, difficult wine. It has a distinct Bovril, meatiness to the fruit. A challenge, but rewarding. It is hard to see where it is is going. ***
  • Masieri 2011 (La Biancara di Angiolino Maule) Very much the "natural wine" character of bruised apples, although the label claims it contains sulfites. Whatever, for me there are too many of this sort of not really enjoyable examples and it puts me off natural white wines. **
  • Morgon Cote du Py 2015 (Jean Foillard) On the other hand this, from an estate which I believe tends towards "natural", is comppletely delicious with lovely, silky, beautifully balanced fruit. A treat. Bare ****
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Recent wines 20/05/2017 (TNB)

  • Champagne blanc de blancs 1er cru Vertus 2002 (Veuve Fourny When you get down to Vertus, it seems to me, one loses a toch of fineness and minerality that one gets higher up. But that said, this is really good Champagne from a fine vintage. It has its own slightly tougher appeal. And it's 15 years old and just reached its peak. Delicious. ****
  • Riesling Dragon 2008 (Josmeyer) Understated, rather fine riesling nose, pretty much dry and long on the palate with some minerality. Fantastically drinkable. Bare ****
  • Carso Sauvignon blanc 2005 (Kante) 12 years old and pretty delicious. There's maturity here but it maintains varietal character without any of the excesses that the grape, for me, is prone to. Top ***
  • Sancerre La Grande Cote 2000 (F. Cotat) This must be pretty much the tops for Loire-style sauvignon blanc that ages. Lovely, mellowed varietal character, great texture and a sort of timeless quality. It seems younger than the previous wine. Really good. ****
  • Aloxe Corton 1er cru Les Vercots 2005 (Follin-Arbelet) Fruit somewhere in the blackberry direction, in balance and drinkable but still quite tannic. A food wine. Quite assertive, a bit more power than beauty. Could one even keep it a bit longer? Good Burgundy. Bare **** perhaps.
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Life, the universe and everything 05/06/2017 (TNB)

Recent wines 20/05/2017 (TNB)